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EST 2014

About Us

Opened in 2014, Soleciety is Tampa Bay’s premier location for customers and consignors alike. Soleciety provides the best selection of sought after footwear, apparel and accessories. We pride ourselves on providing the best customer and consignment experience. Everything we bring in from sneakers to accessories are carefully and thoroughly inspected by our train staff for condition and authenticity before they are ever offered to customers.

We are here for you. Whether your looking for the latest Soleciety gear or the right pair, we’ve got you.

Looking to sell or consign? Contact us! We are here to make the process as easy as possible.



202 E Cass Street
Tampa, FL 33602
Store Hours
Mon-Sat 11-8pm
Sun 12-5pm 


  • Bring your brand new or lightly worn sneakers into SOLECIETY along with your I.D (i.e. driver's license,student id ). 
  • Together we set a sale price you would like for us to sell your sneakers. If you are unaware of what the market value of your shoes are, our experienced team members can help you.
  • After pricing and inspection of your sneakers, we will give you a detailed receipt for you to keep. Your contact info will be added to our consignment portal and sneakers will then be added to our store's inventory, along with our website. 
  • Once your sneakers have sold, you will receive a automatic email notifying you that your sneakers have sold and money is waiting for you. As a consigner you will receive 80% of the sale price via check. This can be picked up at the store or mailed to you within 3 business days. (We also offer store credit)
  • If you live outside of the area and are interested in our consignment program, please email us for shipping information. > Info@solecietyshop.com


  • If you want immediate cash for your sneakers, we will purchase them from you on the spot. However, prices will be different compared to consignment prices.
  • Prices and purchases vary depending on the size, the current market value, our inventory and the rarity of the shoes. We only buy brand new deadstock sneakers.
  • If you live outside of the area and are interested in selling us your sneakers, please email us.